Monday, January 26, 2009

The Barbicons! a.k.a.: Kitchen Duty

This past week my group called "The Barbicons" had Kitchen duty. The groups are broken up into 5 or 6 girls and are in charge two different weeks through out the semester. We have to get up early (7:30am) to prepare for breakfast and take breakfast down at 8:30 am and do the dishes. Then we meet up at 4 pm for dinner duty to set the tables and help prepare the food, and around 5:45 pm we have the lovely pleasure of cleaning up after everyone and doing all of the dishes. We actually had fun and enjoyed each others company. Although its safe to say we're glad tomorrow is our last day ... until march!

This is the dining room. Only 20 persons fit in here including the faculty. So the overload go into the "servery"

I was given the task of carving the turkey!

Yes it is... back stock of Nutella. The girls here go through a jar like every two days! Insane! I actually don't eat this very often. I know it surprises me too!

The Storeroom. A room we all wish we had a key to.

Maren, Me and Sarah
We all had a fun time together and we'd sit together as a group for dinner. It was fun!
(Elizabeth and Jenny are apart of The Barbicons, but not pictured)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I was so excited to visit Stonhenge today! As we drove up all of the sudden you see a pile of rocks... Seriously not as big as I was thinking, but honestly so neat to be here! Here are some fun facts that I learned:
1. Stonehenge is also a calendar. You can use the postion of the sun on the stones to wrok out what month you are in.
2. The Heaviest of the stones weighs 45 tons! That is seven large elephants!
3. The first stones to arrive at Stonehenge were the so-called bluesontes --the smaller stones that you can see in the circle today. They don't look blue, but if you split it open they are blue with white specks and look blue when they're wet.

I had so much fun at Stonehenge and suprisingly wasn't cold. I prepared and wore leggens under my jeans, 4 shirts, a fleece shirt, my mont.bell jacket and a scarf and gloves! I was just fine! We had a great time taking pictures too!

I'm at Stonehenge!!!!

My Friend Abby and Me


My "bus mate" for the day! Elizabeth and Me

So much fun!
Elizabeth, Chelsea, Kate, Me, Erin

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral has the tallest spire in England at 404 feet. This cathedral took 60 years to build. We had such a sweet lady for a tour guide and I learned lots more than I would have just roaming around bymyself.
They are always doing renovations on this cathedral because it is so old and so heavy that is is consistently sinking.

This clock is the oldest working clock in Europe... I couldn't tell the time lol!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We went on our Day Trip today! We visited Bath first "the most famous spa in England. It was such a neat town. We first visited the Roman Bath museum with visible are a Roman Temple and Bath Houses fed by hot springs with a temp of 120 degrees F that pour out 250,000 gallons of water per day. It was actually really neat!
With my Audio Tour Player... I love the steam from the bath in the background!

Look at that steam!

Big Tub! Kinda Gross, but cool.

Me and Amy in the City of Bath!

Bath Circus... they call it "Circus" because it is circular. Nicholas Cage lives on the one on the left.

Worth Every Cent!

These are a few purchases I made with my London trip on my mind. I am so glad I have these items with me here; and they've made the experience in London 10X's better! I highly recommend all of these!
Ugg Boots! Enough Said!

It! Jeans Rising Starlet. I wear these so often and tuck them into my boots and they never get wet! So Comfortable. But I had to purchase two belts at GAP (so European) to keep them from falling off.

Coach Lanyard. I get teased for this one... But I love my Lanyard! I am never worried that I am going to loose my money or credit cards and I.D.. Its so secure and looks good! You can pick it out in a lot of my pictures (it looks like a halter top in some haha). The worst is when I have to undress at the check out stand to get to it or show my ID! We've had some laughs over some experiences!

Mont.Bell Jacket. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! There are not words to explain how happy I am that I made this purchase! My friend Dave introduced me to this fantastic find! Completely water proof, keeps me totally warm, and utility zippers that I find uses for! And its Functional!!! Like Mont.Bell says, "function is beauty!" It is so light weight and fits into a pouch the length of my forearm! The hood is a tad goofy, but works like a charm! AMAZING!!! Made in Japan: AKA-- I wub AZAN!!!

F.R.Y.E. BOOTS!!! I cannot describe the love I have for these boots. Defiantly worth every cent and with my Nordstrom discount, even better! Completely comfortable and can wear them all day long... I just hate when they get a scuff... but it adds character. Love Love Love these!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Madame Tussaud's

Today we went to Madame Tussauds. AKA Celebrity Wax Museum! ha! Because today is the Inauguration, Americans got in for free! I have been missing America. You'd be surprised what celebrity wax figures and a pizza dinner can do! I felt so American today! I enjoyed watching President Barack Obama be sworn into office. I love America! and Celebrity Wax figures for free! I would never pay to go into one of these types of museums, but because of the price "us girls" had such a blast.
Me, Abby, Sarah

"I pity the fool who put on my jewelry; I do! I do!"


Charlie had an opening for a new angel...

me, Nicole, Sarah, Leo, Abby, Kiera

"can you smell what the rock is cookin?"

Wilson...Caitlyn Wilson

"Thank You!" "You're a great Audience!"

everyday life sort of thing

"I'd like to thank Steven for having faith in me..."

One of my Favorites!!!! Yeah, I train Lance...

Caddy knows best! This ones for you Dad!

"What?, It could happen..."

Dream come true! Best moment of my life haha!

No need to worry... I'm the master... he's just my puppet!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kate's Birthday!

Connie and I took Kate out to a Birthday Lunch at Cafe Diana (in honor of princess Di). Two policemen came in and one offered to jump into the shot, the other offered to take it! This was my first day of my cold! Not feeling too hot!

The grand "birthday" Pose at Cafe' Di!

Out to dinner with the girls!
Sarah, Kate, Me, Mckenzie

Well one big difference between London and America... We accomidate for big groups---London not so much! I've never felt so "american" in my life when we are in big groups of giggly girls! We went out to dinner for Kate's birthday and had a group of 20! It was interesting. While waiting for our food I went off by myself and shopped around... I try to get in as much "alone time" as I can in those moments! We had a fun time and I think Kate really enjoyed her birhtday! I wore my new beanie and it was a hit!

Portabello Road Market

Today we went to Portabello Market on Protabello Road. The market is filled with antiques and future donations to D.I. on Saturdays and just normal shops on other days. I had a fun time in the frigid weather! But can probably only handle going about 4 times a year. I purchased two beanies and I talked the women down to 6 pounds total... instead of the original price of 8 pounds. ha! I couldn't decide between the orange beanie or the blue beanie... so I got both! And I wanted to purchase something because I knew the chances of me wanting to go back were slim!
In Honor of Joey Tribiani! ITS FERGIE BABY!
Me, Kate and Connie
Orange Beanie

Blue Beanie

Portabello Road! Very Colorful!

Loads of People!

Friday, January 16, 2009


I went to a Rachmaninov concert tonight at St. Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square! It was pretty good. The group singing was really great. There was a man singing bass that was fantastic.
Janessa, Elizabeth, Jenna, Me, Emily.

This is St. Martin-in-the-Fields. I took this picture the second day not knowing what it was, I just thought it was pretty. Little did I know it was St. Martins, but this is where the concert was held and where the picture above was taken. It is a church, a place for concerts, and business.

Westminster Abbey... you're Westminster Crabby!

We went to Westminster Abbey today as a group! It was really neat. I saw Queen Elizabeths the first's grave site. It was really really neat and just impressive to visit! I also was introduced to "Poet's Corner" which was really fun to see and recognize the names. Charles Darwin's gravestone is the one picture I took at Westminster, then I found out that we can't have cameras... so I only got one shot while I was there! The others are from the internet, but I wanted you to see where I went today and what I saw!

Gravestone of Charles Darwin

Westminster Abbey!

Poet's Corner

Connie, Me and Kate walking to the tube after Westminster

A snap shot I took that I really like! Big ben and the London Eye!