Sunday, March 15, 2009

Once in a lifetime pictures...

My friend Abby snapped this picture of a one footed pigeon... This other leg was like a peg... it was hilarious but we found ourselves feeling bad for it. But I hate pigeons...

Me with the City of London far behind me


Day Trip to Greenwich. We took a boat tour on the Thames River to Greenwich. It was chilly, but fun. We saw the World clock that keeps everyone on schedule. We went to the planetarium and to the Maritime museum. It was a fun and quick trip.
Abby and Me at one of the clocks

Me and Sarah outside the Maritime museum

Erin, Chelsea, Abby, Sarah, Me on the River Thames Tour

Abby, Sarah, Me... St. Paul's behind us

Abby, Sarah and Me... London Eye behind us

Amazing Find!!!

So I was shopping at Urban Outfitters one day and stumbled upon this little number and had to try it on! It wasn't a perfect fit but a perfect outfit! This puppy was 5 pounds!!!! My friend Abby bought it hahaha. I would have if I could spare 5 pounds... but the pounds are slim... no pun intended. In this dress I felt a tad like Erin/Kelly Taylor from 90210. It was really pretty :)

Blenhiem Palace

This is the place where the new movie "Young Victoria" was filmed. They had an exhibit of their wardrobe and pictures from the movie. It was cool. This was one of my top castle/palace's we have visited. You take a little 5 minute train to the maze and butterfly house. It was lots of fun and really pretty. I could see myself living there...
Masquerade! Sarah, Abby, Me

Look how cool the inside of the wings are... they were so bright and this was a cool shot because the butterfly didn't open up like this often.

This one just came and landed on my hand. Kind of gross but had to get a picture!

We finally found our way out of the Maze! I was getting sick of being lost so I went to the ladder and mapped out our exit... it worked!
Abby, Me, Sarah

On the train to the maze and butterfly house
Abby, Steph, Sarah, Me

Chess anyone? I've never seen them that big... that's what she said hahahhaha

Me at Blenhiem Palace, this is where "Young Victoria" was mostly filmed
Abby and Me lost in the maze

Side yard... not a big deal

Stratford upon Avon--a.k.a. William Shakespeare's neighborhood

Our day trip/overnighter to Stratford upon Avon was a fun trip. Luckily this time our hostel wasn't as bad as my first hostel experience. Stratford was cool. I stuck with my buddies Abby and Sarah. We roamed around and took in everything Stratford had to offer... even if it takes a lot of optimism.
Abby, Me, Sarah in William Shakespeare's grand-daughters Elizabeth's house

We saw a Shakespeare play that night in Stratford. His plays don't have copyrights, so they can tweak it anyway they'd like. We saw a african version of The Tempest. It was ok... I fell asleep.
Me, Sarah, Abby

Sarah, William and Me

Lifesize paper dolls with no paper... Sarah, Abby and Me

Milking the "cow" at the farm where Shakespeare's mother grew up

bawk bawk
Me, chicken, Abby

Abby, Me, Sarah

Who Who Who's that on my arm... Angus the Owl

This is where William Shakespeare is burried... we had to pay 50 pence to see it hahaha

Abby, Me and Sarah at Shakespear's wife's house where she grew up

Oliver starring Rowan Atkinson!

We scored tickets to the sold out show of Oliver starring Rowan Atkinson a.k.a. Mr. Bean. It was great! I really enjoyed it. We went to the stage door afterward to wait for Mr. Bean. I felt a little awkward but it was funny. There were people lined up and ready for autographs. I got his autograph and talked to him for half a second and we snapped a picture. It was funny. He isn't Mr. Bean in person at all... he's more like Uncle Tom. He did a great job playing Fagen. You should go see it.
Mr. Bean

Abby, Me, Bean, Sarah

So excited hahaha


Carmen Opera

Our study abroad group went to see the opera Carmen. The walk over was hilarious and horrible. The wind was out of control with a nice amount of rain. I looked like a mess. My umbrella broke and I tried to cover up as much as I could. I had to hold my umbrella open and close so it wouldn't blow away. It was so funny but no fun at all. Carmen wasn't my favorite. I fell asleep in the first 5 minutes. My friends woke me up laughing that I had already fallen asleep. I struggled to stay awake during the entire thing. It was pretty boring even with it being in English. I did recognize a few of the songs though and that was fun. But I'm not really into the opera thing.
Me and Abby looking like a mess from the rain/wind

Action shot... I'm miserable in the wind and rain. The oragne umbrella is Abby's and it broke too!

Phantom of the Opera

I finally saw it. I remember being young around 5 or 6 and the family went to see Phantom with the Lee family too. I remember throwing a fit because I couldn't go and I really really wanted to, but Andrew and I had to stay home with the baby sitter. The best part is that Chels remembers her family going to it too and she threw a fit as well because she wanted to go. It was great. I really did enjoy it. Better than what I was expecting. We had loads of fun. We met the Phantom afterwards and got his autograph. He's a no namer... but maybe one day. But I have no idea what his name is and no one can make out his signature. But we had fun and got a picture with him. He was 6'7. Really really tall.
Erin, Me, Sarah, Abby out in Picadilly Circus

Erin, Abby, Me

Erin and Me... my hand looks large (darn photography)

Erin, Me, Abby, Sarah... do we take too many pictures? I think we might.

Taming of the Shrew

Taming of the Shrew was quite the experience. Lets just say I would be mortified watching it with my parents and would spank my kids if they saw it. I forget how british humor is, but I was reminded during the play. We had a good time though.
Abby, me, Erin just purchased our tickets

Andrea, Patrice, Janna, Mary, Connie, Erin, Me, Sarah, Abby

Me and Sarah enjoying our free waters

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Billy Elliot

My friend Sarah and I went to see Billy Elliot. It was great. I really enjoyed the cast. I couldn't wait to call Erin and talk to her about the show... too bad she's gone all Hollywood and didn't have time last time I talked to her hahahaha. Anyway. We really had a good time. My friends and I have a pact to go out at night no matter what. We've been doing a good job of it too.
I really need a hair cut wa a ahhoooooo

The weather is getting a tad warmer and I am loving it!!!

Stoke Poges Church

The last stop of our Wednesday Day Trip! Stoke Poges Church. We went in for the tour guides speech, I sat on the bench and wanted to pass out. I had no more energy. I was surprised that I made it through Windsor Castle. But this was my breaking point. So I opted to go back onto the bus and sleep (I fell asleep to watching the office episodes on my Ipod). Here are the few shots that I did get. The group informed me later that "you didn't miss anything" so that was good to hear!

This is me passed out on the bench. I headed back to the bus about 2 minutes after they took this picture and slept... windsor castle wore me out


This is by far one of the most fun castles our group has visited. Windsor Castle was stop 2 of our day trip! I was nervous that I wouldn't make it, but we took it slow and I did just fine, I was exhausted by the end... but it was worth it! The Queen resides in Windsor on the weekends. They currently house royal guests often. We watched the Changing of the Guard and it was so much fun because I was front row (until this grandma asked me if her kids could go in front of me so they could see). I was about an arms length away from the soldiers or "beef eaters" as they are called. The band played music, including the theme to Austin Powers. It was fun! We saw the Queens doll collection and doll house that is complete with electrical and plumbing! I of course joined a tour guide group. We got to tour the house where the royal guests stay. It was really pretty and I kept thinking how Grandma Irene has the same decorating style haha~ I went to the church/cathedral on the property. Every Royal has been buried there since Queen Victoria. The queen's parents are buried there and grandparents. When (heaven forbid of course) the Queen passes, she will be buried in this church as well. It was really a fun castle and I'm glad I felt well enough to tour around!
Abby was sneaky and took this picture of the chandelier in the royal house
Me, Abby and Sarah outside of where the Queen resides on weekends

This is where they keep the records of anything and everything taken. There are actual written letters from pass royalty. This is high security and no one is allowed in. Also they added the top level to this building not too long ago, because they wanted it to be seen from afar.

Abby and Me at the Chuch/Cathedral

so happy

look at that beast of a knife! It was in front of my face!

This was such a fun Changing of the Guard... I was so close to the "action"

Thier uniforms always make me giggle... they're shoes are like goofy's
Very exciting/awkward moment. I love being a tourist! I was afraid to get too close