Thursday, August 6, 2009

British Museum

While Dave was in London we went to the British Museum together. We saw the Rosetta Stone and the missing pieces to the Parthenon Frieze. Dave and I just saw the Parthenon while we were in Athens. It was an interesting museum with more than 3 million objects.

The British Museum

The Rosetta Stone! The Rosetta Stone has both Greek and Egyptian writing on it using 3 scripts: hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek. The stone was carved in 196 B.C.. The stone was found by French soldiers in a small village in the Delta called Rosetta in 1799. The text is written by a group of priests in Egypt to honour the Egyptian Pharaoh. Pretty amazing to see in person!

Pieces of the Parthenon frieze. It is a controversy that the British museum has these remains and the Greek Government has asked for them back and to be taken off display in London.

The London Eye

After living in London you forget how exciting it is to see the London Eye! Probably because I saw the eye on a weekly basis. I couldn't wait to ride the London Eye but waited for Dave and Chelsea's visit so we could all ride the eye together. I'm glad I waited for their visit, because I don't think I'd pay to go on the eye twice. The London Eye also known as the Millennium Wheel is the biggest Ferris Wheel in Europe. The London Eye is something I will miss seeing so often. Here are a few of my favorite London Eye photos I have.
Me and Chelsea on the London eye

Connie Wagner, Me, Kate Eckersley on our first visit to the London Eye

Connie, Me, Kate

The London Eye

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a very busy part of town bustling with tourists. The changing of the guard is worth (trying) to see. You have to go very early to beat all the other tourists to be able to see the actual changing of the guard. I have not been able to get there early enough and refuse to wake up any earlier. But I've enjoyed my visits to Buckingham Palace. Loads of people from all over the world and most willing to take a picture of you if you will take a picture for them. Except for the Asian old man who looked at me with this scared and shocked face and walked away.
The Band playing Austin Powers or Harry Potter

Zach and Daniel (our BYU intern friends) Me, Jenna, Melissa, Sarah

Courtney Burrows, Abby Woodland, Maren Marcy, Me, Sarah Mabey, Erin Wetzel

The Queen's London residence

Chartwell a.k.a. Winston Churchill's Home

While in the town of Kent on our last day trip, we stopped in Chartwell, at Winston Churchill's home. It is completely furnished just as it was when he and his wife lived here. It is a great big home with lots of land and sits near the lake. It is a dream home basically. We even got to go inside Churchill's private art studio. Painting was his hobby, and it is filled with his work.

Hever Castle

Our last day trip with Study Abroad. I can't believe that I am near the end of the program. I enjoyed our day trip to Hever Castle. It is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. The grounds, gardens, and scenery were fantastic. The sun was shining bright (a rarity) and it was just a fun day to be outside.
Chelsea, Me, Sarah, Alyssa

oh the photo shoots we do!

Sarah, Me, Chelsea, Erin, Alyssa

Top: Jenna Harris, Erin Wetzel, Molly Turner, Ana Pinegar, Sarah Mabey, Caitlyn (me), Abby Woodland, Elizabeth Smart, Chelsea Price. Bottom: Sarah Hansen, Mary Williams, Kate Eckersley, Alyssa Esmond.

Hever Castle

Regent's Park

We went to Regent's Park on a late Sunday afternoon. It is one of the Royal Parks of London; and absolutely gorgeous. I enjoyed sitting in the park and calling up family and friends to say hello and chat for a bit. The scenery is just breathtaking and I wish we would have discovered this park earlier.

Me and Abby Woodland

Abby Woodland, Me, Sarah Mabey