Friday, April 10, 2009

I hate OLIVES!

In Hydra Chelsea, Kate and Dave dared me to eat the strongest olives known to man... Dave wagered dinner at Tucanos. So of course I had to follow through. *These are real photos--There are no actors portrayed in this slide show*
Here we go... the 2 olives are now in my mouth waiting to be chewed.
Chels offering me bread to help the taste

I don't think I am going to make it...

Did I mention they have pits in them?

removing the pit... disgusting


Sunset at the highest point in Athens. It was beautiful. All I wanted to do was watch the sunset in Greece.

Chels and I! I remember living in Hawaii, someone told me that sunsetting is the best and most flattering lighting ... so we had a photo shoot

At Socrates prison, Dave pointed this out and I freaked out because I thought it was a snake! But it is a trail of caterpillars! Crazy huh! Small Hands is modeling for the comparison.

Socrates Prison

Dave and I at Pynx where Socrates taught



The girls


my picture that I think turned out pretty cool

Me at the Parthanon! I couldn't believe I was seeing it with my own eyes (which are getting worse by the way... I think I need glasses)


Dave and I finished our Rick Steves Athens walk tour and ended in Monastiraki Square. We grabbed Gyros and sat in the square watching these two performers. They are native americans, dressed like Indians, with cacti and a painting of an Indian and a teepe. The best part is they sang in Greek! Hilarious!

Olympic Stadium. Seats 50,000

Zues' Temple


Me with the Guard of the Unknown Soldier

Monday, April 6, 2009

HYDRA pt. 4

Dave and I went to a nearby pebble beach in hopes for some sun... it was freezing! But I refused to bundle up while at the beach. We ate a yummy pomegranate that we purchased at a market on the way. It was a fun day.

So happy to be at the beach!!!!

a bridge we had to cross on the way to the beach!

The view on the way to the pebble beach!

Hydra! I loved it here!

HYDRA pt. 3

When we first arrived to Hydra! So excited!


Our hotel private deck... Dave is wearing his Greece outfit: Linen Shirt and Linen Pants

They loved daring me to eat the strong olives... I got a dinner with dessert at Tucanos for it... not too shabby!

Rock climbing

HYDRA pt. 2

yeah... not the greatest shot... but my hand is in the Mediterranean

Me and Chelsea on our deck of the hotel

Chels is knocked out on our ferry ride to Hydra... Hilarious

Dancing at Club RED in Hydra... too funny! The Greek only have one dance move!

Me "crying" in the closet of our hotel room... they ganged up on me and I got embarrassed and hid in the closet... it was funny.

HYDRA pt.1

Hydra (EE-Dra) Port--Locals boat into work... there are no cars on the island of Hydra

Our hotel room in Hydra... so so so so so nice!

Our view from our deck of our hotel room! AMAZING!

Hydra Greece on our way to the hotel

Chels, Me and Kate at Athens waiting to board the ferry to Hydra

Who Knew?!

Who Knew? Indeed parts of the UK do make sense. I live about 7 minutes (walking) from TK MAXX! I remember turning the corner and in bright red lights screamed TK MAXX... I laughed for a bit. It is the same as TJ MAXX; they even use the same clearance sticker. I bought a pretty yellow Max Studio dress that I found one day during my walk/jog. I hid it the day I found it and went back the next day to purchase it! I was glad that it was still there. If you come to London, be sure to hit the TK MAXX on High Street Kensington.