Thursday, June 4, 2009

Les Invalides

This museum is huge. It contains 3 war museums. My friend Alyssa and I had a fun time roaming around and seeing all the uniforms, armory and weapons. It really is neat to see. It used to be a hospital and retirement home for war veterans. Also, Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb is located here and it is pretty large.


The Orangerie was a pretty museum. I went with Sarah Mabey and we enjoyed that this museum isn't huge, it was doable. I am enjoying that I am recognizing certain artists and pieces of art.

Wasn't ready for this picture... but it does the job

I was excited to see this piece by Renoir. My mom has this painting hanging in her house.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame was one of my favorite visits in Paris. Sarah, Mary, Alyssa and Me had fun climbing the stairs to the top to see the great views and of course the Great Bell. The gargoyles were cool and it was just unreal being there in person. After our visit we had lunch at cafe Esmeralda and of course crepes for dessert. It was a fun day!
The Great Bell
Me and Sarah with Joan of Arc

Notre Dame

My favorite Gargoyle picture

Allergies in Paris!

When I arrived in Paris, I soon started to feel sick. Watery eyes, scratchy throat, stuffy nose. I was miserable by day two. So I went to the Pharmacy and asked if he spoke English. I am lucky he did. I told him every symptom and he diagnosed me with allergies. I guess the pollen is pretty bad in Paris. I was so relieved once the meds kicked in. I bought eye drops, nasal spray and allergy pills. It was worth it to enjoy Paris allergy free!
ready to load up on allergy meds

Ah! 30 seconds later and I feel 100% better!

Sainte Chapelle

Here we are at Sainte Chapelle. I didn't know too much about this church, but as soon as I walked up the stairs and turned the corner, my jaw dropped. The stained glass windows are gorgeous! I was experiencing some serious allergies and was miserable! I looked like I was crying.
Me, Alyssa and Mary waiting in the security line

Sainte Chapelle

Beautiful and Jaw Dropping

Me, Mary, Sarah, Alyssa


I've finally made it to Paris! I have fallen in LOVE with Paris! It is amazing here. I went to the Louvre and it is phenomenal. The building is just gorgeous. I was most anxious to see the Mona Lisa, of course. I went with my two friends Sarah Mabey and Mary Williams. We had a good time and tried to soak up as much as we could. I was surprised they let you take pictures.

I can't believe I'm here!!!

There she is

Nope, not pregnant. It was warm in the building so I stood on top of the air conditioning vent to cool off.

I have really come to enjoy art, especially nudes...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BRIGHTON--Bodiam Castle

Another famous Wednesday Day Trip with the group. We traveled to Brighton. Here I am at Bodiam Castle. It is said to be a perfect example of a late medieval moated castle. This was one of my favorite castles we've visited. I picked out which room would be mine. The land was beautiful and we had a fun time roaming around.

Me, Sara, Abby

I'm wearing the "removable sleeves" from Ana's jacket; it was pretty chilly

Me and Anna

Monday, June 1, 2009

Preston Temple and LDS tour

Our last stop on our 5 day trip. We are so anxious to get home but I am so glad we made this stop. The temple was beautiful! We also had a LDS tour around the area by the Temple Presidents son. The tour was really neat. I wish we could have stayed here overnight to be able to attend the temple. But we loaded the bus and headed back to London. I could not wait to get home. I was ready to say goodbye to hostels, the coach bus and our coach driver Tony for a while.
Preston Temple

Me and Elizabeth

The plaque of The First Latter-Day-Saints in Great Britain

Me and Abby in 50 years

Bowder Stone

Our last day of 5 days of York. We are so anxious to get home, but our first stop for the day was to Bowder Stone. This is a huge rock and you can walk underneath it, just hope that is doesn't tip over when you're under it.
Sarah and Me on Bowder Stone. Our professors were so worried we were going to fall. I let them know strait away "I'm a Wilson"

Dove Cottage

Dove Cottage was a fun stop. We had a tour guide that was really sweet. The house was really cute and fun. The gardens were pretty too.

ANDREW!!! I had to get a picture of Andrew's tour bus! The kids on the bus had no idea what I was doing.
Dove Cottage

Bronte Parsonage Museum

Yes, we are still on our 5 day trip through York. We stopped off at Bronte Museum. This is the house where the Bronte family lived. Well known as the Bronte Sisters, were authors of books such as Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. No pictures were allowed. However there was a nearby grave site, church and lots of fields with sheep.
When you find a treasure like a "Smile, Jesus Loves You" frisbee, a picture is necessary

Abby, Me, Sarah

nearby church

Hawkshead Grammar School

Another neat stop to Hawkshead School. This is a very old school that was founded in 1585 where they would be in class from 6am to 6pm. Poet William Wordsworth attended here as a boy and they know where he sat due to the graffiti all over the desks. Just like I would, they carved into the woods of the desk their names. The tour guide was cool and entertaining and full of historical information. He made this stop quite fun.
Sarah, Abby and Me


Happy Birthday to Me! It was my 23rd Birthday during our study abroad 5 day trip through York. I wasn't too keen on celebrating in Ambleside, but my great friends made it really special. The off season in Ambleside is just that... OFF. Most everything was closed, but we found a restaurant and I was spoiled with 4 scoops of gelato! Yummy. I enjoyed my birthday! Yikes I'm 23 now!
My Birthday Dessert

Elizabeth, Connie, Sarah, Molly, McKell, Ana, Seph, Mckenzie, Alexa, Abby, Chelsea, Erin, Me

Ambleside--The Lake District

Ambleside is gorgeous. Our hostel was nasty, but it was located right on the lake. Breathtaking sunsets and great weather. I would love to go back to Ambleside... but not the hostel.


Erin, Me, Sarah, Abby, Mary

Sarah, Abby, Me


Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall was build by the Roman Empire across the width of Northern England. We went to two locations to view Hadrian's Wall. It was cool to see and great to be outside after being in a coach bus for so long! The weather was great and refreshing. Our trip to Hadrian's Wall turned into our own personal photo shoot.
Molly, Ana, Sarah, Me, Abby

Molly, Me, Ana, Abby

Hadrian's Wall.. so cold!

Abby, Me, Ana, Sarah

Durham Cathedral

Still on our 5 day trip throughout York. We stopped at Durham Cathedral, yes another cathedral. It was dark, gloomy and felt older than any other cathedral I've visited. We had a tour guide show us around. The experience was odd, but of course I found a way to enjoy myself.

Abby and Me

The Lost Lambs

Sarah and Me

Bolton Castle

Here we are at Bolton Castle. The views from the top are so pretty. It was green and the view goes forever. We had a great time taking pictures.

Gorgeous View
Me, Molly, Sarah

Abby, Sarah and Me inside the Castle

Me and Abby, Good Horsey

Me, Erin, Sarah, Abby at the top of Bolton Castle

Classic pose

I'm Innocent

Abby, Me and Sarah striking a pose