Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coventry Cathedral

Our last stop of the day. You wouldn't think that we would go on a trip and not stop at a Cathedral! This is Coventry Cathedral in the town of Coventry in the center of Coventry University. This was destroyed by a bombing back in the war days and parts of it were left standing. However they did build on a new modern part. It was a Cathedral Stop... enough said. We headed over to the Campus Art Museum and used the toilets (I hate how they say that here) and shopped in the gift shop. Abby, Sara and I purchased jump ropes for 1 pound. We decided this would be a form of exercise that we can encourage each other to do. We actually used them that night. We worked out after being cooped up in the coach for three days. I have to say... I'm still pretty tricky with a jump rope. Next task to master.. Double Dutch! old bombed part and new modern part

When they came and searched the remains, they discovered this "cross" that was in this exact formation after being destroyed ... I think they thought it was pretty neat

Me in the old destroyed part... I'm enjoying myself can't you tell?

The cool colorful windows. This symbolizes something.

Me (self snap shot) waiting for the crew to finish up so we can head out and back to London

The town of Chester... Chester Molester!

Day three of our Wales trip we first stopped in Chester. Chester Molester. This was a really fun town. Like downtown park city. Filled with shopping and delis. The Three Lambs (Me, Sarah and Abby) stuck together and roamed around the town. We found this roman garden to take some "proof I've been here" shots. I really enjoyed my time in Chester just browsing. It was great. For lunch we stopped at a deli and had some yummy sandwiches. Once again loaded the bus and onto our last destination.
Sarah, Me, Abby

Abby, Sarah, Me (We are the Lost Lambs) I'll blog about that later too.

In the hat store. I loved these! I was ready to attend a horse race or something fancy like that haha


A new day! Spent on the coach. We drove for 7 hours not including the two break stops (mandatory for the coach driver every 3-4 hours). When we boarded the coach we had no idea that we would be on the bus for the majority of the day. I was getting cramped and annoyed near the end, because these are not comfy seats to sleep in. Beaumaris is a town on and Island of the British Isles. It was a really neat town. It was like a small town/beach town. We arrived at Beaumaris castle first and it was kind of rainy. We quickly ran through this unfinished castle. I think I was uninterested because I've been cooped up in a coach bus for what felt like EVER. We finished the castle around 3:45. I ran to the local bakery and purchased 3 of these Wales toffee waffles (you should google it, I'll blog on it later I'm sure). They are the best thing I've found here yet! I saved some to send home!!! Luckily I went in the bakery when I did because the entire "town" (which consists of 1 main street) shuts down between 4-4:30. But you know me I hit the water first. Well it was freezing but I walked the boardwalk and just loved every minute of it. I love the beach/water. It is one of my most favorite spots to be. We checked into our Hotel. After our Hostel experience I felt like I was staying at the Plaza! That tells you how "good" the hostel was, if I'm comparing the Best Western Hotel to the Plaza! The best part is, BYU standards can only allow 2 persons to a room. So we were assigned a roommate. I lucked out and got my best buddy here, Sarah. We had a 3 course restaurant dinner, waited on and everything by the hotel. Sarah and I went back to the room and took advantage of the bath tub and shower and privacy! I was in the bath for probably 60 minutes then hopped into the shower for another 30 or so. It was great! We watched a movie on TV, wrote in our journals, and read our scriptures and couldn't wait to turn in for the night. It was great! We got up for another waited on Breakfast and loaded the bus for another adventure!
Me at Beaumaris castle

The center of Beaumaris castle


Me and Kate on the "Beach" freezing to the bone

"Our Plaza Hotel" the Best Western... our group was the majority of guests that night

My first Hostel experience... I miss the Fairfield Inn

Well we ended our first day of Wales at the youth hostel. Um... gross. Not everything was bad, but my bed situation was bad. You get a fresh clean set of sheets to make your bed. I took mine out of the "packaging" and there was a dried booger or dead bug on it. I'm not sure because I removed it so fast before I could tell. I was proud of myself because I kept my disgust to myself and didn't complain. Then it was time to put my duvet into its cover. I saw a hair up close and removed it, then I focused my eyes back looking and more surface area of the duvet and it was covered in hairs. I threw up in my mouth. Again, I kept quiet and just put the duvet cover on without touching the actual duvet. I slept like a corpse that night. First of all, it was a small twin. My friend Abby slept in this impossible twin size bed with me because her bed had an ace bandage hanging down from the bunk (we assume used for elevation of limbs of a prior guest). I used my neck pillow for my pillow, layered on clothes and only put the blanket over my feet. I barely moved all night. I couldn't wait to just get up and hit the road. There was no way in H E double hockey sticks that I was going to attempt a shower at the hostel. I opted to wait til our next stop at the Best Western Hotel. Smart Choice I think!
This is our group arriving and have no Idea what we're about to embark in

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Castell Coch Castle

Our second stop of the day. This was one of the best castles we have visited because it was complete and like a fairytale setting. We of course had fun in the sun!
I liked this dresser so I snapped a shot

We started twirling in one of the roms and of course put the camera on self timer
Abby, Erin, Me, Sarah

Fun Girls!
Chelsea, Me, Abby, Sarah, Erin

Me and Sarah... I love my sunglasses

regular pictures are getting old

giddy up!

one of the bedrooms

St. Fagan's National History Museum

Our first stop on our 3 day Wales trip--St. Fagans. It was acers of land with trees, schools, churches, farms, gardens. It was pretty cool. The best part was the weather, it wasn't too chilly and the sun was shining--a rare occasion in the UK! I love the SUN!!!
My Valentines sunglasses!

This is the classroom of the school. We are acting like we do in class AKA: I'm sleeping!

Sarah and Me outside the school!

Sarah and Me

Me, Erin, Sarah, Abby, Chelsea

A heart ring that Abby found and gave to me because it matched my sunglasses

Me, Abby and Sarah in the garden

I'm the 4th head from the left
Jenna, Sarah, Kate, Me, Abby, Connie, Sarah

Me by the red door that I liked

These little villages were muddy but fun to see

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

VALENTINES DAY! We had a fun night with all the girls here in London. We had a big party where we dressed up (40's style-ish)... I didn't know what to do, so I just wore RED lipsitck. It was a big hit. We had a secret valentine exchange and a little dance party with refreshments. It honestly was one of the most fun Valentine Days I've had.
My roommate Kalie and Me

waiting for my photo shoot

I love candid shots like these

The three lost lambs! Abby, Me and Sarah

Abby and Me

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Israeli Peace Walks

The first week we arrived there were Israeli peace walks/protests all week long and longer. Being brand new to London, I felt completely out of place and found myself nervous being on the streets. It was an amazing event to watch, something I probably will never forget witnessing. I loved when the London Police would sweep through behind and force them out when they're time was up. These pictures are taken right outside of the Embassy right up the street from my house. I thought these pictures were cool and wanted to share them with you!
London police force

That's me in the middle

YSA Dance! A big Friday night for us Girls! LOL!

A YSA guy, Me and Sarah
A big night for us 40 girls here in London. We were all excited to hit the town hahaha to a YSA (young single adult) dance at Hyde Park Chapel. I was satisfied due to the 3 Britney Spears songs that were played! All the girls knew it was my time to shine when those songs came on! These dances are a big deal out here. There are YSA's that drove 2+ hours to come out for this dance. We met a lot of new friends and went out for Ice Cream at Haagen Daz after. It was a fun night to get away from the BYU center and to interact with new faces!

Tower of London

Our group made a visit to The Tower of London. It was a really rainy day and miserably cold... but I stayed positive and tried to make the most of our visit. My friend Sarah and I tagged along on a group tour and ending up learning more than I would have by walking around. The Tower of London (the white tower) is the original Tower and has always been a palace, never a torture chamber like some believe. Building surrounding the tower were later added and used for prisoners and punishment. They now hold the crown jewels, armor, guns and cannons. It was really neat to see. The crowned jewels were amazing--no pictures were allowed. But, I did see the largest diamond in the world weighing in at a whopping 503 carats! Yes huge. They actually had a 3,000+ carat diamond, but to get the clarity and color they cut it into 9 diamonds and the 503 carat diamond was the biggest out of the nine. It was really cool to see on display while taking a horizontal escalator to move across all the jewels. I thought the "people mover" was funny!
The original Tower of London--The White Tower

Me with the tour guide (we tagged along on his tour, sneaky)

The monument in place for where Ann Bolen was beheaded

Graffiti dated back to the 1600's (sorry kind of blurry)

Guns and Cannons

Me with the 7 pound leg armor (it was heavy for leggings)
London Bridge -- London calling!

Sarah and Me

Me on the London Bridge! It was so so cold and I didn't think my umbrella was going to make it!

Sarah and Me on the London Bridge... did I mention freezing!