Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hever Castle

Our last day trip with Study Abroad. I can't believe that I am near the end of the program. I enjoyed our day trip to Hever Castle. It is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. The grounds, gardens, and scenery were fantastic. The sun was shining bright (a rarity) and it was just a fun day to be outside.
Chelsea, Me, Sarah, Alyssa

oh the photo shoots we do!

Sarah, Me, Chelsea, Erin, Alyssa

Top: Jenna Harris, Erin Wetzel, Molly Turner, Ana Pinegar, Sarah Mabey, Caitlyn (me), Abby Woodland, Elizabeth Smart, Chelsea Price. Bottom: Sarah Hansen, Mary Williams, Kate Eckersley, Alyssa Esmond.

Hever Castle

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Candle said...

I was recently in London, protesting the hegemony of the G8 fascists. I weep for the world, and wish that you would weep with me - let me be your guiding light...