Thursday, August 6, 2009

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a very busy part of town bustling with tourists. The changing of the guard is worth (trying) to see. You have to go very early to beat all the other tourists to be able to see the actual changing of the guard. I have not been able to get there early enough and refuse to wake up any earlier. But I've enjoyed my visits to Buckingham Palace. Loads of people from all over the world and most willing to take a picture of you if you will take a picture for them. Except for the Asian old man who looked at me with this scared and shocked face and walked away.
The Band playing Austin Powers or Harry Potter

Zach and Daniel (our BYU intern friends) Me, Jenna, Melissa, Sarah

Courtney Burrows, Abby Woodland, Maren Marcy, Me, Sarah Mabey, Erin Wetzel

The Queen's London residence

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