Saturday, May 6, 2017

"Mothers Day" aka Spain

A lavish fruit plate was sent up to the room from the management... yum

Me and Mom out to dinner. I wish they had a no smoking indoors policy.

I am so happy to be with Mom! This is a pretty fountain outside of our hotel.

Tour Bus Ride! Mom, Uncle Kevin, Me and Aunt Helen took a tour around Madrid. It was pretty cold on the second floor of the bus. We eventually caved in and went downstairs where is was warmer. I really enjoyed our tour.

Out to a FANCY Dinner. We were really spoiled by Aunt Helen and Uncle Kevin.

Aunt Helen and Mom packed the exact pair of pajamas. They were twins and didn't even realized it til I pointed it out.

Helen, Mom and Me out shopping in Madrid

Out and About

The LLADRO we purchased for Mother's Day. Mom was really happy and started to cry. I was so happy to get it for her and have it be from all the kids. This experience made the trip to Spain worth it.

So Happy!

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